Time as a Placement Student at Geowynd

by Thomas Lai


A Welcoming and Encouraging Team

While the technical calibre of people at Geowynd could have been intimidating, I found the atmosphere to be very much the opposite. Everyone was direct, welcoming, and encouraging, making each interaction purposeful and beneficial.


A Deep Dive into Hands-On Experience

What set this placement apart was the extensive hands-on experience I received. I was actively engaged in offshore monopile analysis, programming tasks on data, and sometimes even married the two by incorporating coding into the project work itself. Being directly involved in such a diverse range of tasks not only broadened my technical skill set but also provided me with a tangible understanding of how programming and engineering can synergize in a real-world setting.

I quickly learned that the theories we discuss in academia don’t always translate seamlessly into the field. Variables can change, and my hands-on experience equipped me to adapt and make data-driven decisions on the fly. It was a real-life lesson in “learning by doing,” enhancing my understanding of the intricacies involved in geotechnical engineering.


Final Thoughts

In brief, my time at Geowynd was extremely valuable. It allowed me the opportunity to combine programming with engineering tasks and work in an environment that was both focused and supportive. It’s an experience that has definitely enriched my career perspective.