Foundation Selection & Design

We meaningfully assess the feasibility of both fixed bottom and floating support structures to make an informed choice based on installation, performance and price

We refine the selected foundation type throughout the project development timeline to deliver an optimised and turbine specific foundation geometry at detailed design stage

Gravity Base

Less used offshore, a pre-fabricated shallow foundation often ballasted with natural materials & not needing a crane to install.

Mono Bucket

Also less used, this is a suction installed founding solution suitable for shallower water depths and a quieter installation.


Perhaps the simplest, most economical and certainly the most popular founding solution by far in mature markets and with a very well developed supply chain.

Jacket (Caissons)

Often used in slightly deeper water beyond the reach of a monopile and where geology dictates a shallow founding solution.

Jacket (Piles)

Again used in deeper water where geology permits pile installation and seabed mobility or scour calls for a deep founding solution.